mrs. maureen

Friday we had a going away party for Andrew's preschool teacher Mrs. Maureen. Here in Hawaii people show their gratitude for someone by giving a lei. As you can see Maureen is very loved. She has been a big part of both of my kid's lives the past few years. She was Anne's teacher first and now she is Andrew's. She is so wonderful...she loves the kids and always has a moment to just talk to them. We are sad to see her go...now we just need to find someone just as wonderful in Pittsburgh next year! Mrs. Maureen will be a hard act to follow.

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Laura said...

How sweet! I love finding great teachers! I'm sure there will be lots of good teachers in PA. BTW--I cracked up when I noticed Andrew holding a hammer. I can just see MY Andrew bopping the teacher on the head after the picture. LOL!